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"With the current level of technology in an interconnected and globalized world, we must all become ambassadors and actors of change, since no one else in history has had the same opportunity."

Grégoire Legault
McGill University, Montréal

"The discussion of differences is not to provoke animosity, but to foster a sense of respect; a mutual respect born of interaction and dialogue. Without cooperation, we may fall into the same ideological turmoil of the previous century..."

Vincent Wang
University of California, Berkeley

"While it is true that the North Korean government berates America to its own people for separating the Korean peninsula and causing hardships on the Korean people, the people themselves were surprisingly welcoming to us western students, and they were sincere."

Chan Kim
University of Southern California, Los Angeles

"I believe China will become more and more open as a result of frequent exchange and collaboration with students from other countries... international collaboration can not only allow me to learn more about China, but also better understand myself and my potential."

Liu Yingying
Peking University, Beijing

"Our national identity no longer determines exclusively who we are and what divides us... Identities formed through global networks and cooperation can supersede those of nationalism to produce a truly global society."

Christopher Utton
School of Oriental and African Studies, London

"At present, there are not enough specialists in the DPRK who are professionally educated in international finance. However, as my country needs to draw foreign investments and develop economic relations with other countries, I am highly motivated to learn these subjects."

Kim Ryong Il
Pyongyang University of Foreign Studies, Pyongyang
Creative Multimedia Projects in Northeast Asia
EWC's Economics, Language and Technology Program for DPRK Students
February 23rd, 2013  |  Yanji, China
Our 2013 program at Yanbian University combines study in economics, foreign language (Chinese and English) and technology for North Korean students. The goal of program is for the six selected students to combine these key disciplines to develop projects to be presented at the conclusion of the six months. They will work in two teams of three individuals and will be mentored by professors and advisers, as well as EWC staff throughout their stay at Yanbian University. Read more
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